Recall signatures: 15% already in hand

Word has been spreading across both the cheddarsphere and the greater national blogosphere that the drive to collect recall petitions for the eight targeted Republican lawmakers is proceeding at an absolutely jaw-dropping pace. Here’s Greg Sargent in DC:

activists working on the recall push already collected over the weekend 15 percent of the total necessary signatures needed to force recalls in all eight of the GOP districts Dems are targeting. He says that the party — which is helping to coordinate and keeping track of outside efforts to gather signatures — set itself a goal of 10,000 signatures for the weekend, and has already exceeded it by 35 percent.

Zielinski also claims that recall forces over the weekend put more than 2,000 volunteers on the street to collect signatures. He also says volunteers have collected 26 percent of the signatures required in one district, and 20 percent in another

The idea of awakening the sleeping giant hardly seems an adequate metaphor. This is historic.