Saturday: Statewide day of action announced, culminating in the biggest Capitol rally yet at 3PM

This Saturday marks the kick-off day of action of the We Are Wisconsin coalition, which represents the combined efforts of the Wisconsin labor and advocacy communities towards a common goal: taking action to defend workers’ fundamental right to collectively bargain, and to stand up to the most egregious, short-sighted and ideology-driven power-grabs in the proposed budget.

Saturday morning and early afternoon will be another full-court press on mobilization in every community in Wisconsin, then at 3:00, come to the State Street side of the Capitol for a major rally. There will be action centers around the plaza where folks can find out how to get involved in various actions in their own districts, not just in opposition to the stripping of collective bargaining rights from nurses, teachers, and EMTs, but against the extreme Walker budget bill.

More details will be forthcoming. Keep an eye on this site for further information on the day and spread the word! To Governor Walker and legislative Republicans: you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Click here to RSVP for Saturday’s rally!

You can find out about buses to Madison here, and check the list of Saturday and Sunday statewide events here.