What now? Plenty.

The devastating news Wisconsinites heard last night, while discouraging, is only going to generate more citizen energy against Governor Walker and the Republican assembly. Walker’s already skyrocketing disapproval ratings will likely escalate to historic levels, fueling the recall efforts already underway and making a recall against Walker himself in 2012 inevitable. Expect action to ramp up intensely.

And this is not a law that will be put into play anytime soon. Firedoglake had a nice encapsulation of the legal challenges it faces:

There’s the near-term challenge of how the bill got passed tonight. It was done in a way that may have violated open meetings laws, by not allowing 24 hours notice for a public meeting of the conference committee. There are other statutes about collective bargaining that may be brought up in court and fought. And there’s the issue of the bill having a fiscal impact. Scott Walker spent three weeks claiming that collective bargaining was a fiscal issue, and then the legislature just passed the bill as “non-fiscal.” Courts will have to wade through a lot of this, and it’s sure to go up to the state Supreme Court.

Nothing is over, and phase two is about to begin.