More info on the Saturday rally

This Saturday’s day of action kicks off the next phase in the historic movement to protect our rights, and we hope to see you and your friends and family there. You can find out about buses to Madison here, and check the list of Saturday and Sunday statewide events here.

We’ll be joined tomorrow by many new friends for the coming out party of We Are Wisconsin. This new coalition brings together our friends who are outraged not only by the governor’s attack on worker rights, but his budget proposal that takes a meat axe to schools, health care and vital services across the board.

At the rally, and across the Wisconsin, we strongly encourage members and supporters to join the recall movement against Republican senators who voted to take away our rights. Click here to find out more about recall efforts.

This may be a dark time for Wisconsin. But we all know these attacks do not reflect Wisconsin values. We know that we do not have to take these attacks sitting down.

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. We’ve only just begun to fight!