In winning a battle, have Walker & co. lost the war?

His disapprovals are near 60%, his opposition has bounced back from the feelings of defeat and demoralization after the last election, independent voters are re-awakening to the need for a strong labor movement in Wisconsin and across the nation…

While Scott Walker may seem bothered by none of this, its a fair bet that the 8 targeted Republican Senators who stand to lose their jobs in recall elections might be feeling a bit of pressure. Polls are coming out suggesting that at least 6 of them are already in real trouble.

In fact, it’s downright historic that so many Wisconsinites are breaking out of the election-cycle calendar to step up and make change through the ballot now, rather than waiting until November of 2012. That just hasn’t been the way of change, and it underscores just how fired up Scott Walker has made both his traditional opponents and the less-engaged, casual voters.

And the pressure won’t let up anytime soon, with ads now hitting statewide television against those Senators who support the bill that 74% of their constituents opposed.

Scott Walker is a political albatross, and it’s only a matter of time before he takes down his allies and his agenda with his scorched earth politics. He may have a single battle’s victory with his anti-union bill, but it’s a war he’s already lost.