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Live Stream from rally

Here’s the Uptake live webcast from today’s rally. Watch live streaming video from theuptake at

More info on the Saturday rally

This Saturday’s day of action kicks off the next phase in the historic movement to protect our rights, and we hope to see you and your friends and family there. You can find out about buses to Madison here, and check

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Saturday: Statewide day of action announced, culminating in the biggest Capitol rally yet at 3PM

This Saturday marks the kick-off day of action of the We Are Wisconsin coalition, which represents the combined efforts of the Wisconsin labor and advocacy communities towards a common goal: taking action to defend workers’ fundamental right to collectively bargain,

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What now? Plenty.

The devastating news Wisconsinites heard last night, while discouraging, is only going to generate more citizen energy against Governor Walker and the Republican assembly. Walker’s already skyrocketing disapproval ratings will likely escalate to historic levels, fueling the recall efforts already

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Senate works around quorum issue, passes bill stripping rights

The news you’re seeing in the paper is, sadly, true; the Wisconsin State Senate plowed through a stripped-down bill that takes away collective bargaining rights from most public employees. In a surprise move, the nominally “non-fiscal” union-busting element was cut out

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Rhetoric, meet reality

The rhetoric, from Governor Walker’s inaugural address in January: “Wisconsin is open for business… My top three priorities are jobs, jobs, and jobs.” The reality, from commenter “Gene” in Seattle on the New York Times’ website last night (via FB): “The weird

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Photos from the March 5th rally

Phil Ejercito at has posted a photo gallery from the big March 5th rally that’s worthy of a look (hoping he doesn’t mind a screenshot of one of the shots for promo purposes…). Click here to check them all

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Breaking the anti-Wisconsin line

The corporate bulldozer piloted by the Governor is starting to come apart. Here are some updates: With no fanfare, Republicans have backed off their effort to fine the 14 absent Senate Democrats. Republicans targeted by the recall efforts are starting

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Recall signatures: 15% already in hand

Word has been spreading across both the cheddarsphere and the greater national blogosphere that the drive to collect recall petitions for the eight targeted Republican lawmakers is proceeding at an absolutely jaw-dropping pace. Here’s Greg Sargent in DC: activists working

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