Rules for volunteers helping to preserve integrity of the election

The canvass procedures for observers are outlined below as the counties certify official vote totals.

• Each County Clerk shall provide public notice of the date, timeand place of the election canvass pursuant to Wisconsin Openmeetings laws.

• Observers may be present during the canvass.• Observers may not touch anything that is part of the election,including but not limited to ballots, ballot bags, result tapes, orany voting machinery.

• Observers may and should take notes of their observations ofthe canvass and any irregularities.

• The Board of Canvassers verifies the results of the election byexamining the vote totals from election night. The results aretypically printed on a long white piece of paper similar to agrocery store receipt.

• If there are discrepancies in a municipality, the County Clerk orhis/her designee, on behalf of the Board of Canvassers, shouldcontact the municipality and or the Government AccountabilityBoard to request an explanation of the discrepancies.

• Public observers do not have a right to speak or object duringthe canvass.

•Video and still cameras are permitted to memorialize thecanvass as long as you are not interfering with the canvassprocess.