UPDATE – Rally to Protect Voting Rights

After the GOP’s Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus revealed she suspiciously didn’t “count” 7,000+ votes for Walker ally Prosser today, there will now be a rally at the New Berlin City Hall to protest this outrage and show that worker’s want honest elections.

Saturday April 9th, 11am

New Berlin City Hall

3805 Casper Dr

Featured Speakers:

Senator Tim Carpenter

Stephanie Bloomingdale, Sec-Treasurer Wis. AFLCIO

Rally to Protect Voting Rights and Clean Elections


One Response to “UPDATE – Rally to Protect Voting Rights”

  1. Jan Whitebear says:

    Unfortunately, the republicans have been manipulating voting going WAAY back. Just look how Bush got in in 2000. These people belong in prison…NOT running our country.