Russ Feingold to Visit Walkerville Sunday

Update from Day Nine:  Walkerville Re-opens for Business

with a visit from  Russ Feingold on Sunday afternoon, July 12th at 5pm

Through wind, rain, and scorching heat Walkerville has weathered the storm and remains open for business again this evening.   Local country singer Whitney Mann will sing tonight at 7:30, and tomorrow at 5:00 pm former Senator Russ Feingold will come down and visit Walkerville.

On Tuesday, the Assembly will take on the budget and the Supreme court could rule any day on the current lawsuit filed to challenge the collective bargaining provisions of the recent legislation.

Come on down to Walkerville this week and pitch a tent as we continue to protest the Republican’s extreme agenda.  This summer we will continue to work to take back our State Senate back and stop Walker in his tracks. 

For six months, Walker and his Republican allies have unilaterally and relentlessly rammed through legislation that blantantly favors corporate interests and puts the wealthy ahead of working families.

They have:   

  • Stripped away our rights to bargain collectively
  • Given 300 million a year in tax cuts to the rich and corporations
  • Slashed funding for schools, healthcare and seniors

They have given Governor Walker extraordinary power and the ability to ignore the voice of the hard-working people of the state.

Join us and come to see Russ Feingold at Walkerville! Take action! Join the movement!   

Schedule for Saturday, June 11
3:00 pm Walkerville Opens for Business
7:30 pm Free concert featuring local country singer Whitney Mann                                  

Schedule for Sunday, June 12
4:00 pm Community dinner
5:00 pm Former Senator Russ Feingold visits Walkerville
5:30 pm Free concert at Walkerville with Madison Folk Legends with Lou and Peter Berryman
9:00 pm Movies at Walkerville, Newsies