One word

One word can describe many things.

Our Representatives are now in an “extraordinary” legislative session. Their goal is to pass Governor Walker’s proposed budget, a budget that cuts at the very heart of our Wisconsin values. 
Extraordinary cuts to public services our communities.

Extraordinary cuts to public education and our investment in the future of our state.

And now, an Extraordinary, partisan Supreme Court ruling that Republican legislators are above the law when they try to take away our rights.
But extraordinary can also be used to describe the thousands of people are gathering this week at the capitol, and around the state, to make their voices heard.
We’ve done extraordinary things together. We’ve stood for what we believe in, for our future and for Wisconsin’s future.  And we’re still standing strong together to make our voices heard as the Senate takes up the state budget.
Will you join us? 
Rally at the Capitol
Thursday, June 16
Noon – Marches begin at Walkerville on Capitol Square
5:30pm – Rally at the Square and State St.
RSVP and join us on Thursday, or come early, pitch a tent and help the Walkerville community become the largest tent city Madison has ever seen!