Update from the Ground: Teacher Tuesdays in SD 2

This update is from Eric in SD 2, highlighting the grassroots work happening in our Kaukauna office.

Teachers in Wisconsin

Volunteers on "Teacher Tuesdays"

One of the amazing things about the recall efforts against Rob Cowles – now moving forward to an upcoming special election – has been the power of people who have never been involved in the past to get off the sidelines and start organizing their friends and neighbors. One such example has been happening in Kaukauna since we opened an office there last month.

After seeing the grassroots energy put forth in Kaukauna during the recall effort, local teachers knew that it would be critical to keep up the momentum and build off of the large base of first-time volunteers that Cowles’ extreme agenda created. In response, they have started “Teacher Tuesdays” to organize area educators to volunteer and knock on doors in the district. In what has been an extremely successful effort, local organizers have been joined by 10-15 teachers every Tuesday ready to get to work and willing to give up a weeknight to the cause. They clearly know what’s at stake, and they’re putting strong actions behind their words.

“What started as an attack on worker’s rights has grown into so much more,” said one local teacher. “The effect that first the budget repair bill and now this extreme budget has had on myself and my community has forced me to get involved and get to work. You can see at the doors that, as the effects start seeping into the community, people are becoming even more aware of how bad this budget is going to be for middle-class families — and the need to take our government back in these upcoming elections.”

You can join the effort — find your local office here!