Local communication workers come together to go door to door

Our update from the ground today comes from Viet in Oshkosh.

Getting ready for the final days before the primary election, local volunteers are getting together to walk their community and talk to their neighbors about how important it is to get out and vote next Tuesday, July 12th to send Jessica King onto the general election and eventually to Madison to get Wisconsin back on track.

Volunteers looking at canvass materials in Oshkosh

Volunteers in Oshkosh

As part of We Are Wisconsin’s overall grassroots campaign to elect Jessica King and defeat Randy Hopper, local community organizations are “adopting” evenings to make sure their members are out canvassing, talking to voters, handing out literature and making the case for a new state senator who will stand up for Wisconsin’s working families and middle-class values. Last Thursday was adopted by local members of the Communication Workers of America Local 4621.

I think it’s incredibly important that people hear directly from their neighbors about why this election is so important. There’s so much noise in the media and with paid advertisements, that a personal connection can really make the difference, said Rita Triatik, a local AT&T worker from North Fond du Lac.

The cuts Hopper made to public education, job training programs and technical schools are devastating and will directly hurt working families for years. This is why it’s so important for me to make the case personally – at the doors – about why now is the time to recall Hopper and send someone to Madison who’s going to stand up for our working families.

Want to help out in Oshkosh — or in your town? Check out an office near you.