Election Day

The polls have been open for only a matter of hours and We Are Wisconsin volunteers have already made their first pass knocking on targeted doors across the district. When all’s said and done, volunteers will have spoken with thousands of voters from Clintonville to Baraboo.

On Sunday, volunteers in Baraboo were honored to be joined by three guests from the New York City Fire Department. Patrick Bahnken, a 24-year veteran of the fire department and a lifelong Republican arrived with two other EMT’s from FDNY to join volunteers canvassing and discuss with voters the effects of Sen. Olsen’s budget on District 14 first responders.

Bahnken spoke to local volunteers before heading out, thanking them for volunteering and highlighting the critical importance of adequately funding emergency services. “I know in a very personal way how important first responders are in time of emergency, and any Senator that votes to cut funding for local governments, fire departments and police stations needs to go,” said Bahnken.

“We’re here today to let the first responders here in Baraboo know we support them, and we’re fighting with them to make sure they have a Senator who will provide them with the lifesaving equipment they need – not cower to Madison special interests by slashing critical funding,” he added.

After speaking with nearly two dozen volunteers for just over 15 minutes, the EMT’s grabbed clipboards and walkpacks, paired up with local canvassers and hit the streets.