Congresswoman Baldwin – "Thank you for not being a spectator…"

Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin visited the 8th  Senate District this weekend, rallying over 125 canvass volunteers at both We Are Wisconsin offices in the district to Get Out The Vote ahead of the fake primary election engineered by Republican dirty tricks for July 12th. Our
GOTV efforts were a smashing success, as Sandy Pasch trounced her fake Democratic
opponent to set up a general election showdown against entrenched politician Alberta Darling.

“The country and the world are watching Wisconsin right now,”  Baldwin told the packed room, “This is the key fight, and you’re a part of it.  Thank you for not being a  spectator.”

Baldwin’s words kicked off an awesome GOTV weekend in the 8th  Senate District, where volunteers knocked on nearly 5,000 doors on Saturday and  Sunday alone.

Let there be no doubt – we’ve clearly got the energy and momentum as we push into the final month before election day.  If this weekend was any indication, Alberta Darling may come to regret running a fake candidate.  Practice makes perfect, and our GOTV for the
general election is going to be even bigger than our great weekend and turnout on Tuesday, which was capped off by the overwhelming win by Sandy Pasch against Darling’s fake candidate.

Please sign up to help the campaign and be a part of this  historic election over the final four weeks, particularly for the final four  days of GOTV, by clicking here.  With your help, we can win flip the Senate on  August 9th, and put the brakes on the extreme, anti-middle class
agenda Darling and Republicans are ramming through Madison – unchecked – on
behalf of their wealthy corporate backers.