Final Countdown for volunteers supporting Jessica King in the 18th Senate District

Volunteers in the 18th Senate District are gearing up for the final countdown! With the fake, costly and unnecessary primary finally over with, voters can now focus on the reason 23,000 people in the 18th signed recall petitions; Randy Hopper’s terrible record and his attacks on Wisconsin’s families.

With less than 25 days until the general election, there isn’t a lot of time, but there sure is a lot of energy. The day after the primary, local volunteers got together in the Oshkosh office to get ready to go door-to-door and make phone calls to get our message out to voters.

Getting right back to work, teachers, parents, carpenters, and others took bundles of literature, and signed up for shifts to help call their neighbors and encourage them to vote.

“After months of hard work, phone calling, and doorknocking, we’re almost there. In a few short weeks, we will be able to recall Randy Hopper for his attacks on working families, cuts to our schools and his tax hikes on seniors,” said Vicki Sheehan from Oshkosh.