Three Weeks Out: Stories from the 14th State Senate district

As Our Grassroots Volunteers Push Forward, Luther Olsen Continues Practicing Politics-As-Usual

With only three weeks until the August 9th election, We Are Wisconsin volunteers across District 14 continue to mobilize and engage voters who want to take their government back from the out-of-control agenda in Madison. Our underlying goal from Day One has been to empower volunteers to take ownership of this organization, and it has been much more than a typical electoral campaign.  But as our volunteers continue to set records and exceed expectations in each We Are Wisconsin office, Luther Olsen and his operatives have followed a politics-as-usual model.  From fundraising with top lobbyists and corporate special interests to relentlessly negative campaigning, Olsen has shown himself to be  just another typical Madison politician desperate to hold onto power.

And while Olsen continues to encourage his monied friends and allies to shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the privilege of attending a fundraiser with him, the devastating effects of his extreme budget continue to become clearer every day. The front page of the Waupaca County Post headline was loud and clear “State funding to county schools cut by $4 million” as a result of the Olsen budget that was jammed through along partisan lines in Madison.  “Perhaps if our Senator was more concerned with funding our schools rather than funding his campaign, we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place,” noted one Waupaca teacher who read the report.

As Luther Olsen continues to live up to his reputation as a long-time, out-of-touch Madison legislator, his constituents continue to push towards Election Day. As one volunteer noted, “Olsen may have the money, but we have the energy, the momentum, and in three short weeks we’ll have history on our side.”