Celebrating Victory in Green Bay – Congratulations, Dave!

Senator Dave Hansen easily retains his seat in the District 30 recall election

The energy was contagious as results came in giving Senator Hansen a clear and decisive victory in Tuesday night’s electionWith more voters casting ballots in Senate District 30 than the other two Republican primaries combined, it is clear on which side the enthusiasm lies. As Dave announced to the crowd that the AP had declared the race for him, volunteers and supporters immediately broke out in cheers of “this is what democracy looks like!”

The final result provided vindication to the hundreds of volunteers who took time throughout the weekend leading up to Election Day – fighting through 100-plus degree temperatures – to knock on thousands of doors across the 30th Senate District. The dedication and perseverance throughout was inspiring to witness, with most volunteers doing multiple shifts, often on the same day.

While the excitement of the evening was driven by the victory, it was obvious that everyone’s thoughts quickly moved to flipping back the Senate. Most conversations concentrated on what volunteers could do to help Nancy Nusbaum win against Rob Cowles on August 9th.  With Tuesday’s victory, working family candidates are now seven for seven so far in recall elections giving volunteers a boost of confidence, and further proving that momentum is on our side.

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