Milwaukee-Area Voters are Fed Up with Sen. Darling, Energized and Getting the Word Out

The heat and humidity were already approaching oppressive levels when Dawn and William, two Milwaukee Public School teachers, hit the doors in Whitefish Bay Tuesday morning. They were out braving the intense heat wave to talk to voters about recalling Senator Alberta Darling in order to stop her from further pushing her extreme partisan agenda that is hurting Wisconsin families.

After finishing a round of door-knocking, Dawn and William took a break under the shade of a large oak tree to get some water and re-energize before starting up again.

“I am out here volunteering because I am really upset by the attacks on public education.  The cuts in education in the budget that Senator Darling supported have led people to lose their jobs, have led to loses in art and physical education programs, all things I think every kid should have” said Dawn while sipping her water.

Dawn noted that because of Senator Darling’s chairmanship on the Joint Committee on Finance, she was one of the leaders of the budget plan that cuts hundreds of millions in funding for education –  which will not only lead to fired teachers and the loss of art, music and other curriculum but increases in classroom sizes and the elimination AP and college prep courses .

I understand we are in an economic crisis but I don’t think it’s right to ask people to sacrifice by telling everyone that we are all in this together then giving a few people a tax break. I feel like she is somebody who has become entrenched in politics and is probably more invested in keeping herself in office then she is in her real constituents. When we talk to people in North Milwaukee who are her constituents, they don’t even know Alberta Darling is their representative because there is no outreach to them” said Dawn in criticizing Darling for giving tax breaks to the super-rich and big corporations while punishing everyone else.

William, a young, energetic English teacher, recounted a recent conversation with a voter that told him many of her neighbors, who voted Republican in the past, were voting for Rep. Sandy Pasch this time around because of Darling’s extreme, out-of-touch agenda. “Specifically, they are switching teams so to speak because of Medicare and also the reduction in funding for public schooling,” said William. “I definitely do hear that she is not listening to the voice of her constituents and she is trying to secure her own political career. It really does a disservice to society when you take special interests over the voice of the constituents because the constituents are what should be the driving force behind your policies.”

William’s comments confirm numbers from a recent poll showing that Senator Darling is paying the price for her partisan, unpopular agenda. The poll reveals Darling and Pasch are running neck-in-neck, a huge jump for Pasch compared to an earlier poll conducted in May by the same polling firm.

Across town at the Milwaukee Area Labor Council, AFL-CIO, Elaine was making calls to voters about Senator Darling’s record that is hurting Wisconsin families. Johnson, a retired nurse who worked at the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division, is concerned about Darling’s vote for massive cuts to health care and education in the budget and her support of a radical plan to gut Medicare. “We need change,” said Elaine in-between making calls. “Alberta Darling has been too much of a puppet for Gov. Walker, too much voting along party lines. I would think that she would know that how she has been voting has upset a lot of people. This should be sending a wakeup call to her that she needs to rethink things and not just vote along party lines.”

Volunteer opportunities are available through the election at We Are Wisconsin’s Brown Deer office and the Milwaukee Area Labor Council, AFL-CIO.

For more information, email for the Brown Deer office or to connect with the Milwaukee Area Labor Council, AFL-CIO office.