Wisconsin State Budget: Children and Families

Wisconsin Shares –

Increases costs on low income families for child care by at least $4.4 million by changing eligibility requirements, increasing copays and giving the Department of Children and Families the ability to implement waiting lists.

Erodes the quality of child care for children in the Wisconsin Shares program by reimbursing providers who participate in the program at less than 63% of the market rate.

K-4 –

Reduces funding for four year old kindergarten start-ups by 10%.

Milwaukee Child Welfare Aids –

Reduces funding for BMCW contract aids by $500,000 over the biennium for activities such as evaluations of children, efforts to plan for permanent placement of children, efforts to support crisis team interventions and child abuse team review facilitators.

Head Start Supplement –

Reduces funding for Head Start by $1.4 million, or 10%.

Youth Diversion –

Reduces funding for the Youth Diversion Penalty Surcharge Appropriation Reductions by $190,000.  These funds are for activities related to diverting young people from gang activities into educational, recreational or employment programs.

Special Advocate For Children of Abuse and Neglect –

Deletes a grant of $150,000 in federal funding provided to the WI Court Appointed Special Advocate Association. In child abuse and neglect cases, a court-appointed special advocate may provide information to the court regarding the best interests of the child.