Busy week in Senate District 8 as momentum continues to build to recall Sen. Darling

With less than two weeks to go until the recall of Sen. Darling, We Are Wisconsin volunteers are continuing to build momentum and get the message out to voters about Sen. Darling’s extreme, anti-working family agenda.  The enthusiasm is palatable.

After a huge canvass day where over 40 volunteers turned out to knock doors and phone bank to recall Sen. Darling, more than 50 constituents in Darling’s district turned out on Sunday morning in Shorewood to watch the first debate between Sen. Darling and Rep. Sandy Pasch. They had choice words about Darling and her extreme, right-wing agenda.

“Sen. Darling showed during the debate that she is unwilling to acknowledge the harmful effects of her policies,” said Gigi Pomerantz, who lives in Glendale and is planning a GOTV garden party at her home for Pasch next weekend. “But voters know better.  We know that cutting funding for education, raising taxes on working families and giving tax  breaks to the super-rich is wrong for the voters of Senate District 8.  It is time to recall her.”

The voters at Sunday’s watch party agreed with Pasch’s statement during the debate that Sen. Darling has moved too far to the right and now is pushing extreme, right-wing policies that attack Wisconsin families while enriching big corporations.

Those at the event said they were voting against Darling because of her budget that cuts hundreds of million in education funding, her support for billions in tax giveaways to big corporations and the super rich, her push for a budget amendment that would have given a tax break to tobacco companies peddling tobacco products marketed to kids, and her glowing endorsement of a plan that would gut Medicare and force seniors to pay thousands more for health care.

“Alberta Darling has changed but not for the better,” said Joe Bockhorst, a Senate District 8 voter from Shorewood.  “She has shown through her support for huge cuts to education, tax breaks for corporate CEOs and a plan to gut Medicare that she is out-of-touch with the majority of voters in her district.”

Later on Sunday, over one hundred constituents from the area, and Sen. Darling’s new best friend Joe the Camel, attended a town hall meeting hosted by Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner in the hopes of getting to ask Sen. Darling – who was invited but did not show – questions about her harmful policies.

“My concern with Senator Darling is that she has not been available,” said Shorewood resident Pablo Muirhead at the town hall.  “She disconnected her phone in February…We might disagree with her but let’s see your face.”

While volunteers continued to hit the doors and phones from the We Are Wisconsin Brown Deer office and Milwaukee Labor Council, AFL-CIO every day, community and labor groups worked together to organize get-out-the-vote block parties in Milwaukee County wards where Sen. Darling has refused to show her face.

On Tuesday, working families rallied at the Milwaukee Labor Council, AFL-CIO for the fifth stop on the Wisconsin Truth Tour.  Click here for coverage from the Truth Tour event in Milwaukee.