BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – One million, fifty-two thousand, four hundred and seventy-six!

Twelve days from today the polls will close in six recall districts.  Six months of massive mobilization by Wisconsinites standing up for our rights will culminate in local recall elections.  Time is short and we are ready.

Last night, We Are Wisconsin made our 1,000,000th attempt to talk to targeted voters in these state senate districts. You read that right —11,539 volunteers and staff have knocked on 363,916 doors and made 688,560 phone calls to reach 1,052,476 contacts!

One million voter conversations.  It’s an amazing milestone and a direct reflection of the energy and enthusiasm behind our diverse coalition of supporters: the workers of this state who want a fair shake, the young voters who want a better tomorrow, and Wisconsinites from all walks of life who remember when our politicians worked for those they represented and not for a divisive, partisan agenda.

Our volunteers and organizers on the ground won’t stop until we win these elections and defeat every single politician who stood against working people by supporting Scott Walker’s devastating budget and his attacks on workers’  rights.

This coalition has always been about more than just winning elections, it’s about reclaiming Wisconsin values and giving our communities a voice in the process.  We couldn’t have made it to this point without you, and we won’t be able to finish it without you.

We’re incredibly inspired by the dedication of our volunteers, organizers and  community leaders. This isn’t just a political campaign, it’s a movement.  With your help, we will continue our work to give Wisconsin voters a voice.