The 18th Senate District is ready to Get Out the Vote!

Democrat Jessica King is gaining momentum in her effort to defeat State Senator Randy Hopper

In the final weeks before Election Day, folks are really starting to step it up. Every day, more and more people are coming into the campaign offices grabbing walk packets and phone lists to help Get Out The Vote (GOTV) on August 9th.

The campaign has been challenging local community groups to turn it into high gear to help get us over the top, reaching more voters to talk to them about how we can get Wisconsin back on track and working again for the middle class.

Specifically, last week local Oshkosh teachers promised to recruit over 300 hours worth of volunteer work for GOTV. That’s easily over 100 local teachers knocking on doors, talking to their neighbors and encouraging people to vote on Election Day.

To fill that goal, a group of teachers has been in the office several times this week phoning and recruiting their fellow teachers.

“This is crunch time and it’s so important to do everything we can to recall Randy Hopper and his extreme agenda that hurts our schools,” said Sara Marquardt, a local Oshkosh teacher. “I’m proud of all the teachers who have personally volunteered their time to go door to door and talk to their neighbors about the upcoming election and how it’s so important to elect someone who will stand up for Wisconsin families.”