On Tuesday, August 9th, Give Randy Hopper His Pink Slip

Fond du Lac – In conjunction with the kick-off of the final GOTV push for Tuesday’s election, local firefighters, teachers and parents delivered a strong message to Randy Hopper; his constituents have had enough of his blind allegiance to Scott Walker’s extreme agenda – and it’s time for him to go.

Armed with hundreds of personally signed pink slips bearing the message, “Hopper: Here’s your Pink Slip!” the group delivered over 600 of them from voters committed to making this weekend Randy Hopper’s last as the Senator from the 18th Senate District.

The slips cited Hopper’s votes cutting education, health care and services for the needy as reasons for the signed pink slips. In addition to Hopper’s devastating cuts, the pink slip signers also oppose Hopper’s giveaways of taxpayer dollars to super wealthy, out-of-state corporations and his blind allegiance to the corporate interests backing Scott Walker’s anti-middle class agenda.

On every signed pink slip was a note to Hopper that read:

Dear Sen. Hopper,
As one of your constituents, I’ve had enough.

                        -No more cuts to education, healthcare and critical services for the poor.

                        -No more tax giveaways to the super rich and out-of-state corporations.

                        -No more rubberstamping Gov. Walker’s extreme right-wing agenda.


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