Today Is Election Day!

Today is Election Day – six districts will vote today and two more on August 16th.

The polls are open from 7am until 8pm. If you don’t know your polling location or which senate district you live, then click here.

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If you live in one of these senate districts, we urge you to vote today for the following candidates:

  • SD 02 – Nancy Nusbaum (D – De Pere)
  • SD 08 – Sandy Pasch (D – Whitefish Bay)
  • SD 10 – Shelly Moore (D – River Falls)
  • SD 14 – Fred Clark (D- Baraboo)
  • SD 18 – Jessica King (D – Oshkosh)
  • SD 32 – Jennifer Schilling (D – La Crosse)

If you live in one of these senate districts, we urge you to vote on August 16th for the following candidates:

SD 12 – Jim Holperin (D – Conover)

SD 22 – Bob Wirch (D – Kenosha)

(Note: If you wish to vote early, you can do so through August 12th at your local city clerks office.)


Candidates – August 9th

NANCY NUSBAUM (SD 2; Election Day – August 9th)

Nancy Nusbaum grew up in Green Bay, WI and continues to call Northeast, WI her home today. She has maintained her commitment to the community through her public service. As an elected official, she lead efforts for economic growth and development in the area. She is a leader in local and state economic issues and believes in investing in education to better the future of Wisconsin. Nusbaum will work to protect the values of Northeastern Wisconsin in representing the 2nd Senate district.

SANDY PASCH (SD 8; Election Day – August 9th)

Sandy Pasch currently represents the people of the 22nd district of the Wisconsin State Assembly. Before being an elected representative, Sandy was a practicing nurse and helped to instruct students in a diverse set of fields of health care industry. Sandy also feels strongly about education and the opportunities it provides for students and their respective communities, and has stood up to Scott Walker and Alberta Darling as they’ve tried to gut our public schools. In the Senate, Sandy will continue to vote to protect funding for education in representing the people of the 8th District.

SHELLY MOORE (SD 10; Election Day – August 9th)

Shelly Moore, a lifelong teacher, knows that education is the key to a bright future for our children and our state. Moore is committed to protect funding for our schools because she recognizes that better schools will help provide more opportunities for jobs and education here in Wisconsin. Moore grew up in Beloit, WI, in a middle class working family, worked her way through college at UW-Stevens Point, and moved to her current home of River Falls to pursue her chosen profession and passion, teaching. She understands how families have had to tighten up their belts to make ends meet and will work hard for the people of the 10th Senate District.

FRED CLARK (SD 14; Election Day – August 9th)

Fred Clark is a well-respected legislator representing the 42nd State Assembly district. Clark has repeatedly voted to protect state funding for our schools, technical and vocational colleges, anduniversities, and knows that we need to invest in education to get our economy back on track. He also voted to protect taxpayers from higher gas prices by cracking down on excess profits and price-gouging by big oil companies. Clark calls Baraboo, WI home and points to his experience as a father and business owner as his foundation in running to represent the people of the 14th Senate District.

JESSICA KING (SD 18: Election Day – August 9th)

Jessica King is born and raised locally in the Fox Valley. Her personal story of overcoming challenges is fundamental to her commitment to the middle class working families who are tightening their belts during these tough economic times. King worked her way through college at UW-Oshkosh, and later pursued a law degree. She currently owns her own small business and serves as the Deputy Mayor of Oshkosh, recently being recognized for her strong advocacy of public policy.

JENNIFER SHILLING (SD32; Election Day – August 9th)

Jennifer Shilling is an active member of the greater La Crosse area community and currently represents the 95th State Assembly district. She has a long career of public service at both the local and state levels. Her work to protect the environment, funds for education, and support of local development is recognized throughout the community because of its positive impact toward the future of the greater La Crosse area. Shilling opposes the unfair assault on labor unions and workers’ rights and will continue to fight for the teachers and working families throughout the 32nd Senate district.


Candidates – August 16th

JIM HOLPERIN (SD 12; Election Day – August 16th)

Jim Holperin is born and raised in Eagle River and has worked to serve the state of Wisconsin ever since he graduated from UW-Whitewater. As the current senator for the 12th State Senate District, Holperin has fought for manufacturing jobs in Wisconsin – helping companies to be more productive and innovative. He continues to protect funding for neighborhood schools and has been a strong, consistent advocate for hunters, fishermen, and gun owners. Holperin currently serves his neighbors and community on the 12th Senate District in fighting for the future development of the Northwoods.

BOB WIRCH (SD 22; Election Day – August 16th)

Bob Wirch is a lifelong resident of Kenosha, Wisconsin and serves his community today as the current State Senator of the 22nd district. Wirch has been a leading advocate for ending wage discrimination and enforcing pay equity in Wisconsin. He has stood up for the Kenosha area as it faced devastating budget cuts and continues to protect funding for education in an effort to invest in the future economy in the region. Wirch has stood firmly against balancing the budget on the backs of the hard working people of the state and of the 22nd senate district.


Candidates – July 19th

DAVE HANSEN (SD 30; Election Day – July 19th) — won his election!

Dave Hansen currently serves as the senator for the 30th state Senate District. As a senator, Hansen has worked hard to end wage discrimination and voted to make local neighborhoods safer. He continues to fight for the children and working families of his district – in supporting public education funding, and voted to crack down on excess profits and price-gouging by big oil companies in an effort to protect taxpayers from higher gas prices. Hansen’s lifelong commitment to his family and to his community continue to keep him focused and engaged with constituents throughout the 30th Senate district.