Congratulations to our newly elected State Senators Jessica King and Jennifer Shilling

Last night, we made history.

Together, we  sparked a national movement and we should all be incredibly proud of what we accomplished. By standing up and fighting back, we gave people hope and courage throughout the country. We showed that when we are united and stand together, we are strong and powerful.

We have two new Democratic State Senators, Jess King in Senate District 18 and Jennifer Shilling in Senate District 32. These are historic wins. In the  last 85 years, there have been two successful recalls in Wisconsin, tonight we equaled that number. We have changed the dynamic in the State  Senate and we’ve shown Walker that the people of Wisconsin will not stand for his anti-working family agenda.                                                       

It’s been an unprecedented campaign: thousands of volunteers fanned out in their neighborhoods to knock doors, hundreds of local organizing committees were formed, and today voters made their voices heard at the polls.

The last six months have been emotional, empowering and at times heartrending. We’ve shouted protest chants together, we’ve experienced the loss of collective bargaining together, we have cried together. And then we rallied, we organized, we collected signatures, we made phone calls, we
knocked doors, and tonight we celebrate together.

Our historic wins are a victory for all of the teachers, students, firefighters, nurses, public employees and Wisconsin families who came together in February and called national attention to these attacks on the middle class.

We are now preparing for what might be the most important elections of the summer. Next Tuesday, August 16th, State Senators Jim Holperin and Bob Wirch — members of the heroic “Wisconsin 14” — face recalls.

Let’s bring home two more wins and let Walker and his right wing, tea party friends know that we will not let their unchecked power go without a fight.

Tomorrow, we’re moving our entire staff into the two final state senate districts.  We have been up on TV and on the radio and in local newspapers with our  ads making the case for our candidates. Most importantly, we have thousands of volunteers signed up to knock on doors this weekend.

Thank you for everything you have done these past six months.

We have two more races to win, click here if you can help support our Get Out the Vote effort for Senator Holperin and Senator Wirch.

We Are Wisconsin.