Stand Up for Our Wisconsin: Recall Kickoff Rally November 19

Citing upside-down gubernatorial approval ratings and broad public support of a recall, We Are Wisconsin has announced that they will kick off their recall petition drive with a major rally on Saturday, November 19 at 1:00 p.m., at the Wisconsin State Capitol.

“From the outset of his campaign, Scott Walker has engaged Wisconsinites in a high-stakes shell game,” said Kristen Crowell, Executive Director of We Are Wisconsin. “He promised our state jobs; he instead increased the state unemployment rate, eviscerated workers’ rights and collective bargaining, rewarded his wealthy corporate backers, underfunded our schools, and brutally divided our state.”

According to Crowell, Walker’s tactics have resulted in his upside-down approval ratings. “Scott Walker has championed the kind of extreme politics and naked cronyism that we’re just not used to reading about in the Wisconsin State Journal. It’s not how we do business here.

“That’s why the majority of Wisconsinites disapprove of Walker’s job performance, and it’s why he will be the first Wisconsin governor to be recalled. From Beloit to Superior, Wisconsinites have made it clear that the Walker Way is not the Wisconsin Way.”