Ohio Today, Wisconsin Tomorrow

Tonight, Ohioans sent a powerful message to the world—that the politics of inequality will not stand when citizens come together and fight back.  Tonight, as I sit in Columbus with my friends, colleagues, and sisters and brothers in this movement, I know that momentum is building and victory in Ohio is victory for all of us. It is a powerful statement that cannot be ignored or dismissed.

We have heard stories of thousands of Ohioans dedicated to preserving a voice for Ohio workers. As they knocked on doors, made phone calls, and got citizens to the polls, they served as a reminder that their movement—our movement—is strong, growing, and won’t back down against policies that attack working people.

Wisconsin stands in solidarity with the thousands of workers in Ohio that due to tonight’s victory are one step closer to getting their rights back. Our movement is one day longer and one day stronger.

The fight to restore collective bargaining rights to Wisconsin workers will take another step forward next week when the effort to recall Scott Walker is launched. That’s why thousands of Wisconsinites will rally in Madison on November 19, and it’s why Scott Walker will be the first governor in Wisconsin history to be recalled.

From Cincinnati to Superior, we have turned a moment of crisis into the movement of this generation. Together, we are standing up against the corporate agenda, and we are standing up for our Wisconsin.

-Kristen Crowell, Executive Director of We Are Wisconsin.