We cannot afford to rest

In just four weeks, volunteers throughout Wisconsin have collected over 500,000 signatures in the effort to recall Scott Walker.

Our excitement in this accomplishment is exceeded only by our determination to see all of the recalls—Walker, Kleefisch, and the anti-worker senators—through to victory.

We knew from the beginning that recalling these politicians was going to be a marathon, not a sprint. We’re making good time so far, but in order to cross the finish line, we need to keep up our pace.  We will need an additional 250,000 signatures to make sure Walker and his army of lawyers will not be able to stop the will of the people.

We’ve come a long way—from protesting in the bitter February cold to passing recall petitions around our Thanksgiving tables and Christmas trees—but we have a long way to go still. We should all take a moment to reflect on the meaning of today’s announcement. Ideally, that moment will come in between the signatures that we are still busy collecting.

We Are Wisconsin urges everyone involved in this historic movement to celebrate this milestone by vigorously renewing their commitment to stand up for our Wisconsin. Attend a recall event in your area, make a small donation to We Are Wisconsin, or print off petitions to take with you for your in-state holiday travel.

Wisconsinites started this grassroots movement to recall Walker, Kleefisch, and the worst of the anti-workers senators because we knew that Wisconsin couldn’t afford to wait. Today, we cannot afford to rest. Let’s keep up the momentum, and look forward to celebrating a new vision for Wisconsin when we, together, will recall Walker and restore the Wisconsin way.

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