Our stock is rising!

Exciting news at We Are Wisconsin! We recently learned that two of our ads from last summer’s senate recall elections have been nominated for WisPolitics’ Rising Stock Awards. You can help us win by voting at WisPolitics through 11:59 p.m. on January 4.

We’re proud of the ads that we sponsored in last summer’s recall races, from shedding the light on Walker’s agenda to sharing the voices of real Wisconsinites–families who are being hurt by Walker’s politics of bah-humbug.

We produce ads that provide a sharp contrast to the misleading and underhanded ads being aired by the Walker campaign–ads that feature billionaires who make money outsourcing jobs to China to play the role of a Wisconsin “small business owner,” or teachers who fantasize that Walker hasn’t hurt their school district despite glaring evidence to the contrary.

It’s our brand of above-board political advertising that has won We Are Wisconsin accolades not just from WisPolitics, but also from national media. As you may remember, Rachel Maddow called another of our ads “the best political ad so far of 2011.”

We want to continue to shape political discourse in our state around the needs of real Wisconsinites–to share your stories, and expose Walker for the Grinch that he is. If you’re able, please help us today with your vote and your contribution, and help our stock continue to rise.