Recall petition filed against Scott Fitzgerald

Leaders of the campaign to recall Sen. Scott Fitzgerald have filed petitions containing 20,600 signatures to oust the Senate Majority Leader, one of the chief proponents of Scott Walker’s divisive budget policies.

The number of filed recall signatures represents 123% of the needed 16,742 signatures, a figure that Committee to Recall Scott Fitzgerald Chairperson Lori Compas called “overwhelming and decisive.”

Compas, a small business owner and mother of two from Fort Atkinson, said that most of the constituents who signed the petitions were not motivated by partisan politics. “More than 20,600 of his own constituents—Republican, Democrat, and independent alike—signed a recall petition because Scott Fitzgerald stopped listening to them,” stated Compas. “Individually they were not heard; together, their call for open, honest government cannot be ignored.”

According to Kristen Crowell, executive director of We Are Wisconsin, the campaign to recall the Senate Majority Leader has been a model of effective community organizing. “While political ‘experts’ in Madison were assuring the world that Sen. Fitzgerald was ‘untouchable,’ Lori Compas and the citizens of Senate District 13 knew the truth: any politician who stops listening to the voices of his constituents must be held accountable.”

Crowell added, “We Are Wisconsin is pleased to have worked with Lori and the hundreds of other volunteers throughout SD13 whose dedication made today’s filing a reality. They are a testament to the power of a truly grassroots movement.”

According to Compas, the next step for the district will be to identify a candidate to oppose Sen. Fitzgerald in a recall election. “Recalling Scott Fitzgerald is supported by people throughout the political spectrum, and I fully expect that the citizens of SD13 will have a robust and engaging conversation about who should replace him,” she said. “We look forward to the day when we have more honorable representation in our state senate.”