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Reclaim Wisconsin Rally

Saturday, March 10 1:00 Pre-Rally; 2:00 Rally State Street side of the State Capitol Click here to RSVP Join We Are Wisconsin for a special Reclaim Wisconsin rally to celebrate our historic movement! Free buses will run from around the

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Candlelight Vigil

Friday, March 9, 6:00 State Street side of the State Capitol Click here to RSVP When Scott Walker “dropped the bomb” on Wisconsin, he ushered in a culture of loss. Though the fight back has been extraordinary, the impact of

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No amount of money can buy back voters’ trust

In response to the latest PPP poll showing Scott Walker trailing his leading Democratic challengers in a potential recall election, We Are Wisconsin executive director Kristen Crowell issued the following statement: “While Scott Walker lies about imaginary out-of-state spending against

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One Year Ago: The Day the World Learned Who Scott Walker Really Is

“Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking.” —H. Jackson Browne, Jr. One year ago today, news outlets all over America were abuzz with a blockbuster story about Wisconsin’s new governor. Instead of the glib

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Poll: Scott Walker Stooge Scott Fitzgerald Looks Vulnerable

Wisconsin’s Senate Majority Leader gets negative marks from high-intensity voters, independents as recall looms large MADISON – As the Majority Leader in the Wisconsin state senate, Scott Fitzgerald has carried the water of Scott Walker and the extreme Republican agenda

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Acknowledge, End the Recall Stall

It’s time for Scott Walker to stop screwing around with the people of Wisconsin. While many of us throughout the state have varying opinions of the effort to recall Walker, no matter what side you’re on, every rational person can

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We Are Wisconsin the film

Sneak Preview Screening Friday, March 9, 7:00 Orpheum Theater, 216 State Street, Madison $20 general admission. Tickets available online and at the door the night of the event while supplies last. All proceeds to benefit We Are Wisconsin. WE ARE

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Pres. Obama message sharp contrast to Walker "bomb"

Pres. Obama’s visit to the Milwaukee Master Lock plant today reminded Wisconsinites that when unions and management work together, the result is success–for business, for workers and for our communities. By contrast, the “bomb” Scott Walker dropped on Wisconsin workers

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One Year Ago Today: Walker Tells Cabinet of Plans to Drop “The Bomb”

No Walker lie can cover up undisclosed plans to rip Wisconsin apart in pursuit of extreme agenda of special interest backers One year ago today, Scott Walker privately made clear his intention to declare war on the rights of hundreds

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This Valentine's Day, break up with Scott Walker

From unprecedented attacks on workers’ rights to draconian cuts in public education, Scott Walker has given Wisconsinites a million reasons to recall him. Click an e-card below to tell Gov. Walker why you’re breaking up with him this Valentine’s Day.