Stonewall in the Scott Walker Corruption Probe: Day Three

Walker refuses to face the press and explain damning new revelations

Recently released documents from complaints filed in the ongoing corruption probe of Scott Walker’s office have raised many questions for which Walker is unwilling or unable to provide an answer. After canceling his remaining public appearances the day charges were filed, Walker gave a brief interview with reporters in which he repeatedly dodged questions about what he knew, why certain conspirators were hired, and the extent of his involvement in the investigation.

***During the interview, Walker repeatedly dodges questions about what HE knew by saying people on his campaign have been asked not to speak publicly about the matter – not that he could not speak publicly about the investigation.

On Monday it was revealed that Tim Russell, the longtime close Walker aide at the center of the scandal, had been previously fired for ripping off taxpayers to finance dozens of hotel stays that were not business related. Asked about the incident, Walker’s campaign spokesperson replied curtly, “the Governor was not aware.” Further inquiries as to what Walker did or didn’t know and to what his spokesperson was referring were ignored.

This raises the rather unorthodox question: Of what was the Governor not aware, and why was he not aware of it? This adds to a laundry list of questions Walker refuses answer about what he did know and when did he know it, who hired certain political aides to state jobs, how much information was hidden from taxpayers by the secret email network, and why top administration officials who have been shown to have knowledge of illegal activities still have jobs in Walker’s office.

“Scott Walker continues to stonewall questions about the growing corruption probe of his office, even as new reports suggest a massive illegal taxpayer-financed campaign being conducted just feet from his desk,” said We Are Wisconsin executive director Kristen Crowell. “It is long past time for Scott Walker to sit down and answer these disturbing new allegations – which now include why he placed one of his longtime cronies in a position to embezzle tens of thousands of dollars from Wisconsin veterans after he’d previously been fired for ripping off taxpayers for personal gain.”