Acknowledge, End the Recall Stall

It’s time for Scott Walker to stop screwing around with the people of Wisconsin.

While many of us throughout the state have varying opinions of the effort to recall Walker, no matter what side you’re on, every rational person can acknowledge one thing for certain—this election to recall Scott Walker is going to happen. Further delay will assuredly not affect the outcome of the signature verification process.

Yet Scott Walker and his legal team continue to petition GAB for more time to evaluate the 1 million-plus signatures submitted to recall him as governor. Despite already being granted three times the statutory limit to examine signatures, Walker and friends are back in court tomorrow asking for even more time.

Why? There’s no explanation beyond a purely political desire to stall the process. In fact, Walker himself has stated his personal belief that the overwhelming number of signatures submitted makes a recall election inevitable. News reports with just a cursory examination of the signatures have concluded signatures would have to be disqualified at 3 times the rate of any sample evaluated to even have a chance at affecting the outcome.

Some editorial boards and other influential voices have argued use of the recall process isn’t justified. Others have suggested Walker lied his way into office, and should be recalled for his unprecedented divisiveness that destroyed 50 years of labor peace in Wisconsin. Again, one thing is clear—this election to recall Walker is going to happen.

But even those who disagree with the use of the recall process must admit this has gone on long enough, and it’s time to move forward with an election—in the words of Scott Walker—“sooner rather than later.”