Poll: Scott Walker Stooge Scott Fitzgerald Looks Vulnerable

Wisconsin’s Senate Majority Leader gets negative marks from high-intensity voters, independents as recall looms large

MADISON – As the Majority Leader in the Wisconsin state senate, Scott Fitzgerald has carried the water of Scott Walker and the extreme Republican agenda in Madison from Day 1 of this administration. And while Fitzgerald lives in a district where Republicans enjoy a 45%-34% party ID advantage, voters in the 13th have soured on Fitzgerald for making the GOP’s extreme agenda and Scott Walker his top (only) priorities.

Today, WisPolitics reported new polling showing growing hostility toward Fitzgerald – reflected in lagging job approval and favorability ratings. In addition to a negative job approval rating, Fitzgerald owns a double-digit deficit amongst the highest-intensity voters, with only 25% of voters saying he’s doing an excellent job and 37% of voters saying he’s doing a poor job.

The poll also showed a nineteen point deficit amongst independents, with 36% giving him a positive approval rating, and a whopping 55% giving him a negative rating.

“Scott Fitzgerald has proven to be nothing more than a tool of Scott Walker, whose sole purpose is to cater to the Republican Party bosses and carry their extreme agenda in Madison,” said Kristen Crowell, executive director of We Are Wisconsin. “The voters of the 13th District deserve a senator who represents their interests in Madison, not the party bosses and super-rich special interests that bankroll Scott Fitzgerald’s campaigns.”