Game-Changing Development In Scott Walker Recall

Newly-unearthed video shows Walker pledging to negotiate with public employees through collective bargaining, one week before 2010 election

Since the beginning of the civil war Scott Walker touched off with his extreme proposal to end collective bargaining for Wisconsin public employees, Walker and his allies have repeatedly claimed that he campaigned on the issue—and that anyone who thought otherwise “has been asleep for the last 2 years.” The reality, confirmed by PolitiFact and later Walker’s own Congressional testimony is that Walker was lying – he never campaigned on ending collective bargaining rights.

Now, a newly-unearthed video of Scott Walker shows the exact opposite to be true.

In an editorial board meeting with the Oshkosh Northwestern just one week before the 2010 election, Walker actually pledged explicitly to negotiate benefit and pension changes with public employees using collective bargaining.

(***A lengthier version of the clip with more footage is available HERE.)

“Since starting a civil war in Wisconsin when he ‘dropped the bomb’ with his extreme proposal to eliminate 50 years of collective bargaining rights, Scott Walker has repeatedly lied about having campaigned on the issue, and continues to repeat those lies to this very day,” said We Are Wisconsin spokesman Kelly Steele. “Not only did Scott Walker not campaign on eliminating collective bargaining rights for public employees, he explicitly stated he’d negotiate wages and benefits under the very collective bargaining process he eliminated—demonstrating once again that Walker’s propensity for deceit and his contempt for the truth seemingly know no bounds.”