Scott Walker's First-Year Jobs Failure Is Official

National Job Growth Finally Outpaces Walker’s Job-Killing Agenda in January

The verdict is in, and Scott Walker’s first year jobs record is a miserable failure. Not only did Wisconsin lose more than 20,000 jobs under Walker last year – including 9,700 in the private sector – but all of the growth came before Walker’s policies took effect.

It’s great to see America’s thriving job growth has finally begun to outpace the impact of Scott Walker’s job-killing agenda on Wisconsin’s economy. Since Walker’s extreme policies became law, Wisconsin has lost more than 10,000 jobs. Still, the addition of 243,000 jobs nationally and the submission of over one million signatures to end Scott Walker’s disastrous economic agenda in January are positive developments that have helped push Wisconsin’s economy forward.


Scott Walker and his allies would like people to believe that the addition of 12,500 jobs in January means his economic policies are moving Wisconsin in the right direction. Nothing could be further from the truth. Notably absent from Walker’s statements is the impact of national economic forces on Wisconsin, which Walker and his aides had repeatedly blamed—albeit incorrectly—for his own miserable jobs record.

In reality, the American economy added 243,000 jobs in the month of January, marking the 23rd straight month of national job growth. In Wisconsin, the economy finally gained jobs for the first time since Scott Walker’s vaunted “reforms” were signed into law.

Notable stats showing the miserable failure that is Scott Walker’s jobs record

The new data, showing definitively a first-year snapshot of Wisconsin’s economy under Walker, from January 2011 through December 2011:

  • Wisconsin’s economy lost 20,600 overall jobs in 2011
  • Wisconsin’s economy lost 9,700 private-sector jobs in 2011

The period from July 2011 through January 2012, since Walker’s “successful reforms” were signed into law:

  • the American economy added 1,098,000 jobs
  • Wisconsin’s economy has lost 10,200 jobs

The period from January 2011 through January 2012, since Walker’s took office:

  • the American economy added 2,063,000 jobs
  • Wisconsin’s economy has lost 8,100 jobs

Before listening to Walker’s spin on how January’s numbers prove his “successful reforms” are moving us forward, ask yourself this – what has Walker done to deserve credit for any of this:

  • Are jobs being created by billboards with Walker’s slogans touting our business climate?
  • Are jobs being created because Scott Walker busted public-sector employee unions?

If you listen to Scott Walker and his DWD, circa August-September of 2011, it’s clear this has much more to do with the national economy and Wisconsin companies growing due to national demand, than anything Scott Walker has done—in fact, in spite of what he’s done to make job growth far less robust than it should be.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recently explored the issue of the connection between national and Wisconsin job growth – with a report titled “Wisconsin missing out on US jobs gains” – and this month seems to show America’s quickly rising jobs tide has finally overcome the job losses being caused by Walker’s policies, which economists say are sapping aggregate demand.