GAB Delay: Enough Is Enough

In response to the recommendation of GAB in support of the May 15th/June 12th dates for Wisconsin’s recall elections, We Are Wisconsin executive director Kristen Crowell issued the following statement:

“The proposed May 15th and June 12th Election Days are simply more unnecessary delay. GAB has already been given double the amount of time allotted under statute, the four Senate recalls have been certified, and there is no question enough valid signatures exist to recall Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch. In fact, both have acknowledged as much publicly and failed to challenge a single signature.

“Reasons being offered for dates beyond a May 1st primary and May 29th general election simply do not justify delaying these elections. The statute does not provide that the date of the election be decided based on majority vote of the clerks regarding which date would be most convenient for them. Moreover, elections on the Tuesday following a federal holiday were just recently held on February 21st, and, by the accounts of GAB and county clerks, were very successful.

“Simply put, none of the stated reasons for delay justify denying the petition circulators and 1.9 million signers their constitutional right to an election in as timely a manner as possible. Enough is enough.”