ONE WEEK LATER: Still No Explanation From Scott Walker on Smoking Gun Video Proving a Year of Lies

Walker pledged to negotiate with public employees through collective bargaining, one week before 2010 election

One week ago today, an explosive video surfaced that—had it been exposed 365 days earlier—might have avoided months of protests, a summer of Senate recalls, and a year of unprecedented political turmoil in Wisconsin that has divided the state like never before.

When confronted by the extremism of his proposal to eliminate collective bargaining for public employees, Walker repeatedly claimed he had campaigned on the issue in 2010.  The reality, confirmed by PolitiFact and later Walker’s own Congressional testimony is that Walker was lying – he never campaigned on ending collective bargaining rights.

But according to this newly-unearthed video, not only was Scott Walker lying about having campaigned on his radical proposal, Walker pledged explicitly to negotiate benefit and pension changes with public employees using collective bargaining. Walker’s pledge was made in an editorial board meeting with the Oshkosh Northwestern just one week before the 2010 election. (A lengthier version of the clip with more footage is available HERE.)

One week later, after the surfacing of smoking gun evidence that might have avoided this all, Walker still has yet to explain his statements, and his spokespeople have repeatedly refused requests for comment from the media.

“A year after Scott Walker ‘dropped the bomb’ with his extreme proposal to eliminate 50 years of collective bargaining rights, Walker continues to repeat thoroughly-debunked lies about having campaigned on his radical agenda, which has divided Wisconsin like never before,” said We Are Wisconsin spokesman Kelly Steele. “In reality, this smoking gun video proves Scott Walker pledged explicitly during the 2010 campaign to negotiate wages and benefits under the very collective bargaining process he eliminated.”

“If Scott Walker had simply done what he said he’d do in this video clip, this entire year of political turmoil that has divided Wisconsin like never before could have been avoided, but once again we find that Walker’s propensity for deceit and his contempt for the truth simply know no bounds,” added Steele.