Scott Walker Says His $144,423 Taxpayer-Funded Salary Isn’t “Real Money”

As data shows WI has worst 2011 jobs record in America, Walker also acknowledges being Governor not “that important to me”

MADISON—Despite being paid a salary nearly three times the median household income in Wisconsin, Scott Walker apparently thinks the $144,423 taxpayers fork over to him annually doesn’t constitute much of a salary. In a moment of unscripted candor, Walker mused to an audience of conservative activists in Milwaukee about going to the private sector to “make some real money.”

Perhaps just as alarming, as new data shows Wisconsin under Scott Walker leading America in job losses, Walker also suggested his job as governor is not “that important” to him—even as increasing numbers of Wisconsinites are forced to take second jobs just to make ends meet.

“While ordinary Wisconsinites continue to suffer under Scott Walker’s extreme economic policies that have stuck us with the highest job-loss numbers in America, Walker seems to think his taxpayer-funded $144,000 annual salary is just chump change,” said We Are Wisconsin spokesman Kelly Steele. “While Scott Walker jets around from Wall Street to Texas to California picking six-digit checks from his millionaire and billionaire friends, we finally realize why Walker is such a miserable failure as governor—he doesn’t care about the job and he thinks he’s underpaid.”