Meet Scott Walker & Party Boss’s Hand-Picked Replacement for Pam Galloway

Jerry Petrowski is a tool of the same Madison establishment that’s failed to create jobs & divided Wisconsin like never before

MARATHON – Shortly after Pam Galloway announced her resignation from the state senate, finally ending control of the body by Scott Fitzgerald and his caucus extremists who’ve enabled Scott Walker’s radical agenda every step of the way, Walker sought to anoint another enabler of his extreme agenda to replace her. Before the ink was even dry on Galloway’s resignation letter, Walker told WHBY he wanted Rep. Jerry Petrowski to fill her seat.

It’s no surprise that Walker would seek to install Petrowski, a staunchly partisan Republican who has loyally supported Walker’s failed agenda – an agenda that has earned Wisconsin the unenviable distinction of having America’s worst jobs record since Walker became governor.

In fact, Petrowski’s home district has suffered some of the worst job loss in the state under Walker, yet he refused to offer any job-creation initiatives, and instead blindly followed party bosses as they made historically-large cuts to education, stripped hundreds of thousands of workers of their collective bargaining rights, kicked needy families off BadgerCare, and fought against Equal Pay for Wisconsin’s working women.

“Senator Galloway’s resignation offers Wisconsin the chance to begin healing after Scott Walker and party bosses in Madison rammed through their extremist agenda and divided our state like never before,” said Kristen Crowell, executive director of We Are Wisconsin. “As Wisconsin struggles to recover from the worst jobs record in America under Scott Walker, the last thing this district needs is another blind partisan hack like Jerry Petrowski to continue putting wealthy special interests in Madison ahead of helping middle class working families.”