Scott Walker’s Worst-In-The-Nation Jobs Record: Anybody’s Fault But His Own

Recently, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel offered comprehensive analysis of the final adjusted BLS data for 2011, including many helpful charts and graphs comparing Wisconsin to overall US job growth. As noted at the very front of the piece, “Wisconsin has lost more jobs since Walker took office than any other state.” Meanwhile, the flailing and desperate spin from Scott Walker in his attempts to explain away his worst-in-the-nation 2011 jobs record has become absurd to the point of comedy.

In recent days, Walker has even tried to exploit public focus on the two-year anniversary and Supreme Court case surrounding Obamacare to shift the blame for his abysmal jobs record. The Huffington Post reported on Walker’s desperate attempt to blame Obamacare, noting this latest dishonest spin merely adds to a long litany of frantic and pathetic explanations he’s offered in previous months.

(Memo to Walker: The other 49 states in America were subject to Obamacare in 2011, and the overall US economy added more than 2 million jobs, while Wisconsin lost 12,500 jobs. Your argument almost literally couldn’t be more nonsensical.)

As a reminder, here are the other things – on the record – that Scott Walker has blamed in past months for his worst-in-the-nation 2011 jobs record as it unfolded.

Not shockingly, Walker’s statements regarding recent job growth – as Wisconsin is finally benefitting from the rising tide that lifted most of America in 2011 – make no mention of the national economy, stabilization of the Greek Drachma, raising of the federal debt ceiling, or previously-unemployed workers finally trying hard enough.

Consider that next time Scott Walker says his “reforms are working,” even as Wisconsin continues to bring up the rear of a 50-state national recovery.