Top Government Watchdog Agrees: Fake Democrats are Committing Election Fraud

McCabe agrees with top election attorney that candidate “commits criminal election fraud” by claiming under oath to “represent” Democratic Party

MADISON – Last summer, when Republicans hatched their despicable, anti-democratic “fake candidate” scheme, the public, the media and even regulators were as much baffled about what to do as they were offended. We know now that Republicans intend to replicate their sleazy manipulation of democracy, causing needless and costly delays, in the upcoming recall elections.

In an opinion rendered by one of Wisconsin’s top elections attorneys after substantial research on the issue, it appears that the falsification of information under oath on these candidates’ Declaration(s) of Candidacy constitutes felony election fraud. Now, top elections watchdog Mike McCabe of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign has concurred in an interview with Cap Times on Friday that fake Democrats are likely committing election fraud.

The legal memo has been sent via certified mail to all four fake Democrats running in senate recalls as well as the GOP’s fake candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor, details the exact potential violations of the law – as well as penalties that include fines as much as $10,000 and 3½ years in prison. Copies have also been distributed to the District Attorneys in the relevant jurisdictions.

“Everyone knew the Republican scheme to run fake Democratic candidates was a sleazy corruption of Wisconsin democracy that needlessly wasted taxpayer dollars,” said We Are Wisconsin executive director Kristen Crowell. “Thankfully, this time around, there’s recourse available against this travesty, as it appears it’s also illegal.”

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