Report: Top Walker Crony Who Embezzled Veterans' Money Misappropriated $542,000 in Taxpayer Dollars

Scott Walker made Russell housing director despite record of misusing state funds, embezzlement

Madison – A new report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has revealed a longtime Scott Walker top aide, Timothy Russell, may cost Milwaukee County hundreds of thousands of dollars for having misappropriated of federal HUD grant monies. The money from Community Development Block Grants program was supposed to be steered towards low-income areas, but was instead steered to middle-income and wealthier areas which didn’t qualify for the program’s grants.

Russell is a longtime top aide to Scott Walker, who has been charged with embezzling more than $20,000 from Wisconsin veterans in the ongoing criminal corruption probe of Walker’s Milwaukee office. A political confidante of Walker’s, Russell was immediately contacted by Walker personally when the Darlene Wink scandal broke, despite having been moved by Walker, with a hefty raise, out of Walker’s political shop to serve as director of housing.

Walker appointed Russell to be housing director, despite Russell having been fired from a previous job for improper use of state funds. Russell, whose boyfriend has been charged in connection with the ongoing corruption probe for child enticement and exposure of his genitals to an underage male, allegedly made the inappropriate payments of $542,000 in federal grants to a number of organizations, including the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee.

“Scott Walker owes the public a full explanation for why he hired Tim Russell and later appointed him to a job as housing director for which he had no qualification – even though Russell had previously been fired for misusing state funds,” said We Are Wisconsin spokesman Kelly Steele. “The rampant corruption and cronyism being revealed in this widening criminal probe of Scott Walker’s office demands answers from Walker himself, not continued stonewalling and hiding behind his high-priced lawyers.”

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