Scott Walker’s Reality: Black is White, Up is Down, It’s “100% Wrong” to Say I Repealed Equal Pay Law

It’s almost pathological. In the face of irrefutable evidence to the contrary, Scott Walker continues to ignore facts, deny the truth, and peddle a warped version of reality that exists only between his own two ears.  Walker’s latest jaw-dropper is a statement made at the right-wing Illinois Policy Institute in response to a question about the Wisconsin GOP’s War on Women.

Under the headline: “Scott Walker: It’s ‘100% Wrong’ To Say He Repealed Equal Pay Law,” BuzzFeed’s Rosie Gray reports Walker emphatically denied repealing equal pay protections in the state of Wisconsin, despite his attempts to quietly sign into law a repeal of the state’s Equal Pay Enforcement Act, and the ensuing statewide and national backlash.

Making the argument that gender discrimination was illegal before he took office and is still illegal, Walker rationalizes that his attack on state-based judicial remedies that acted as a deterrent to discrimination—which Walker claims clogged the courts, despite the fact that exactly zero cases were filed since the law passed in 2009—simply didn’t happen.

By Walker’s standard, if he went through the state Capitol and removed all of the fire extinguishers, it’d be 100% wrong to say he threatened fire safety because people in the Capitol could still call the fire department, just like they could’ve done before he took office.

Scott Walker repealed the Equal Pay Enforcement Act of 2009, and no amount of Orwellian doublespeak, flat-out lies, or mind-numbing rationalization that makes sense only in his own mind can change that fact.