Gov. Walker: Take the Andrew Jensen Route or Take the Podium & Come Clean

After promising to run the most transparent administration in Wisconsin history, Scott Walker’s conduct regarding the widening criminal corruption probe of his office has been reprehensible.

It’s time for Walker to take the Andrew Jensen route—with a public statement cleared by the DA in the case saying he cannot comment—or stand before the public and the media to come clean regarding the dozens of outstanding questions about what he knew when, who’s paying his legal bills, how he formed a legal defense fund if he’s not a target, his direct and sole authorization of the hires of charged felons… The list goes on and on, and grows longer and longer every day.

Why is it important Scott Walker issue a public statement cleared by the DA saying he cannot comment? Because since the DA does not comment on the ongoing investigation, Walker can lie with virtual impunity about what the DA has or hasn’t told him – whether it’s about his role as a target, what he can say to the media, whether he has or hasn’t met/spoken with prosecutors, et cetera. And because Walker has repeatedly shown himself to be evasive and dishonest when dealing with inquiries into his role in the John Doe probe, we can no longer simply just take his word.

Example: For months, Scott Walker repeatedly assured the public – telling the media he’d been told himself – that he was not a target of the John Doe investigation. After months of this charade being repeated by Walker and his spokespeople, stonewalling comment with each passing development, it turns out Walker hadn’t been told he wasn’t a target of the investigation – not by the DA conducting the investigation, at least.

Andrew Jensen, the real estate broker who was previously thought to be a potential target of the investigation, issued a statement recently that he had been cleared of any wrongdoing – a statement that had been cleared by the John Doe judge and the DA’s office in advance.

It’s that simple—if Scott Walker is telling the truth that he’s unable to comment publicly about anything related to the John Doe investigation under orders from the DA, there should be no problem acquiring the same clearance Jensen did to make a two sentence public statement, in effect saying he’s under a gag order. If Walker cannot do so, it’s time to face the public and answer these mounting questions.