Barrett Wins Democratic Primary for Governor

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

MADISON In response to the Associated Press report that Tom Barrett has won the Democratic Gubernatorial nomination to challenge Scott Walker in Wisconsin’s historic June 5th recall election, We Are Wisconsin executive director Kristen Crowell issued the following statement:

“Tonight begins the final push to reverse the unprecedented damage Scott Walker began inflicting on Wisconsin when he, in his own words, ‘dropped the bomb’ on the people of this state 15 months ago.

“We congratulate all four candidates for running a spirited, positive race that focused on their qualifications to undo the damage Scott Walker has done to Wisconsin.

“Tom Barrett is a strong leader who will end the political turmoil Scott Walker has brought to this state and reunite Wisconsin to get us moving forward again.

“As governor, Tom Barrett will reverse Scott Walker’s worst-in-the-nation jobs record, end the corruption Walker and his cronies have brought to Madison, and finally halt the Republican war on women—a war Walker and his GOP allies have taken further here than any other state in America.