MUST READ: Scott Walker’s Plan to Cook the Books on Wisconsin Jobs #'s Exposed

On Thursday, the final monthly BLS jobs numbers before Wisconsin’s June 5th recall election are scheduled to be released by Department of Workforce Development. Knowing that no result can alter Scott Walker’s worst-in-the-nation jobs record, Walker’s administration has begun a stunningly brazen PR campaign—which began with a misleading presentation by Department of Revenue head John Koskinen—to change the metrics by which jobs numbers are measured.

Then yesterday, Scott Walker announced that on Wednesday – the day before the final jobs numbers in this historic recall are to be announced – he’d have “brighter” jobs news created by his own administration with “revisions” to the 2011 jobs data that has saddled him with the unenviable distinction of Governor with the worst jobs record in America. Unfortunately for Walker, his administration’s feeble attempts to move the goalposts in the waning moments of the game have been exposed.

Forbes contributor Rick Ungar has a lengthy piece detailing Walker’s attempt to change the jobs metric, including analysis of its severe flaws and the truly unprecedented nature this campaign to manipulate the numbers and the Wisconsin public. From the report:

“According to Laura Dresser, a labor economist at The Center On Wisconsin Strategy at The University Of Wisconsin, Walker’s new numbers are little more than an incredibly transparent effort to create a false reality just in time to mislead Wisconsin voters who will cast their ballot in a few short weeks.”

Read the entire piece: HERE