Scott Walker’s Orwellian Jobs Propaganda: It’s False, But How Is It Possibly Legal?

Never mind that Scott Walker’s administration made the unprecedented release of unofficial jobs data one day before the final state BLS numbers will be reported – numbers that have consistently shown him to have the worst jobs record of any governor in America.

Or that every single US state, and Scott Walker himself for 15 months, use the same metric to measure job creation, but we won’t know the truth about the numbers Walker released today until 23 days after the recall.

Or that Walker’s scheme to cook the books with “revised” and “brighter” numbers was widely predicted in outlets like Forbes and Bloomberg yesterday, which included the headlines:

  • Scott Walker Magically Turns Dismal Wisconsin Job Numbers Into A Pre-Election Miracle


  • Walker Dislikes Job Numbers, So He’ll Put Out His Own

No, the actions of Walker and his administration officials raise an even more serious question: How on earth is any of this legal?

News 3’s Jessica Arp reports that Walker’s campaign is up with a new ad during the noon news touting the unverified numbers first made public this morning by DWD. How is it possible the ad was produced and delivered to TV stations for airing just hours after the numbers were released? The answer is obvious—the campaign had access to non-public information about this job-revision PR stunt in advance.

Furthermore, DWD Secretary Newsom said he didn’t not consult or coordinate with Scott Walker about the release of these numbers. That is obviously beyond belief. Walker himself predicted “brighter” numbers based on “revisions” to come in a Wednesday report on Monday of this week, and himself tweeted the same talking points in Newsom’s press release of this morning on his official Twitter feed yesterday.

It’s obvious that Scott Walker, his campaign, and administration officials are engaging in a brazenly dishonest campaign to obscure his worst-in-the-nation jobs record. But now they’ve been caught in a lie showing use of taxpayer resources and insider knowledge of private information for campaign purposes, further eviscerating any shred of credibility regarding this disgraceful and dishonest PR stunt.