Walker Campaign: Credit Card Fraud Allegations Are “Internal Matters”

Disturbing pattern of stonewalling, secrecy by Scott Walker continues unabated

Capital One: We have a “flag on any Scott Walker activity” for fraud

MADISON – Straight answers regarding the ongoing criminal corruption probe of Scott Walker’s office? A coherent explanation of Walker’s “divide and conquer” pledge to a billionaire donor? The fact that Walker’s campaign aired an ad touting “revised” jobs numbers – produced by taxpayer-funded political appointees and unverified by any third party – just 3 hours after they were made public

Walker’s message to the media: Nothing to see here.

Now, a new report shows major national credit card vendor Capital One is flagging donations to Scott Walker’s campaign as fraud – with cardholders having their accounts frozen after small-dollar donations charged by ‘Friends for Scott Walker’ that were unauthorized use of their cards.

Even more alarming is the official Walker response offered as “follow up” to the credit card fraud inquiry by campaign spokeswoman Ciara Matthews:

“The campaign does not comment on internal matters.”

“The notion that credit card fraud by Scott Walker’s campaign is an ‘internal matter’ for which the public deserves no explanation continues an unprecedented trend of secrecy, deceit and stonewalling by a governor who has run the least transparent administration in Wisconsin history,” said We Are Wisconsin spokesman Kelly Steele. “Scott Walker would certainly rather not comment on crimes committed by his associates – including the vast criminal conspiracy that transpired within earshot of his desk in Milwaukee – but when evidence of criminal activity surfaces, stonewalling allegations on the grounds those crimes are ‘internal matters’ is both unacceptable and reprehensible.”