Will Anyone Ever Call Scott Walker on the Rank Hypocrisy of His Shameful Milwaukee-Bashing?

Walker’s “Divide & Conquer” strategy to trash Milwaukee to smear Tom Barrett at odds with his record, claiming credit for Milwaukee’s successes

MADISON – Scott Walker’s shameful strategy to barnstorm the state campaigning against the city of Milwaukee been painfully obvious for weeks, and yet no Wisconsin media seems willing to call him on the rank hypocrisy of this cynical tactic. Yesterday, appearing with Wisconsin political expert Bobby Jindal, Walker used some of his most obnoxious rhetoric yet, saying Barrett should stay in Milwaukee instead “trying to screw up the rest of the state” by campaigning for governor.

In April of last year, however, the City of Milwaukee had gained 18,700 jobs through the first 4 months of 2011. Walker’s response? A blaring press release taking sole credit for the creation of those jobs:

“With four straight months of job growth in 2011, metro Milwaukee is reaping the economic benefits of Governor Walker’s successful efforts to improve Wisconsin’s business climate, and make job creation a top priority”

Now, as Walker’s first year in office has yielded him the worst-in-the-nation jobs record of any governor in America, Walker is trying desperately to shift the blame to anyone but himself. View the snapshot of hypocrisy, clear as day, right here.

While previously claiming his policies created Milwaukee jobs, subsequent job losses as the state’s economy weakened are now “fundamentally a city matter.” In fact, Walker said his 8 years as Milwaukee County Executive had no bearing on jobs growth and afforded him none of the responsibility for declines – a claim thoroughly debunked by a report in Forbes showing job creation authority is primarily delegated to the Executive, not the Mayor.

“Scott Walker’s worst-in-the-nation jobs record has caused him to blame everyone from ‘lazy’ unemployed workers to Greek bankers to an American economy that was actually adding millions of jobs while Wisconsin sunk to dead last in the nation,” said We Are Wisconsin spokesman Kelly Steele. “After 8 years of failure to create jobs as Milwaukee County Executive, Scott Walker was all too happy to claim credit for the 18,700 new Milwaukee jobs reported a year ago, but is now pursuing a shameful ‘divide and conquer’ strategy proclaiming Tom Barrett as the devil and pretending he himself has never set foot in the place.”